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The Ultimate 2005-2006 McGill Quiz

Test your McGill Knowledge with this fun little quiz. Each question is worth 5 points. This should work correctly. Basically select the answer you feel is the right one. At the bottom of the quiz, when you're done, click the "submit" button. It should open up an email containing your answers and it should automatically be addressed to my email. Just hit send and I'll be able to read your answers.

Scores will be posted on the main McGill website page. Answers will be posted later.

If you're not ready to attempt the quiz right now, click the box to go back to the main page

But first: What is your name?

1. What is the name of the head cleaning lady for McGill?
a) Hilda
b) Faye
c) Pat
d) Joanne
e) Tricia

2. While playing Hide And Go Seek, which McGillite voluntarily hid inside of a trash can for over 20 minutes?
a) Parker
b) Bryan
c) Big Arek
d) Derrick
e) Slim

3. What was the first movie that Tyler showed for the Mcgill Movie Night?
a) The Royal Tenenbaums
b) The Aristocrats
c) The Shining
d) Halloween
e) Citizen Kane

4. How many different McGill newsletters were distributed this year?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3
e) 3.14159...

5. What did Dustin and Allan dress up as for Halloween?
a) Terry Schiavo and a nurse
b) Lucy and Ethel
c) Chris Griffin and old popsycle guy
d) Bonnie and Clyde
e) Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

6. Whose room was destroyed by a drag queen at the halloween party?
a) Allan
b) Dustin
c) Wilt
d) Slim
e) Tyler

7. What event caused Allan to start smoking?
a) Meredith's vagina
b) Jurassic Park Backwards
c) Terry Schiavo
d) Dustin's love of Nsync's music

8. Who's the 4th floor RA?
a) There's a 4th flooor RA?
b) I didn't know there was a 4th floor RA.
c) Since when did we have a 4th floor RA?
d) Are you sure there's a 4th floor RA?

9. Who almost died at the first Slant Party?
a) Liz
b) Dustin
c) Meredith
d) Parker
e) Jud

10. Whose bike got run over by a truck while leaning against a fence on campus?
a) Quang
b) Mike Miao
c) Kit
d) Tyler
e) Michael Hwang

11. Who bought the Absynth poster which was in the lobby for the entire year?
a) Arek
b) Tyler
c) Elisa
d) Haley
e) Dan

12. Who received a home-made strap-on as a secret satan gift?
a) Kelson
b) Becca
c) Aleksey
d) Wednesday
e) Parker

13. Who was in charge of matching people up for Secret Satan?
a) Dustin
b) Holly
c) Slim
d) Elisa
e) Lao

14. Who molests girls in the dorm the most?
a) Dustin
b) Justin
c) Bryan
d) Slim

15. Who were the 2 captains for the second kickball game?
a) Colette and Lao
b) Tyler and Mike
c) Kelson and Aleksey
d) Kyle and Zach

16. For Lao's birthday party, what container was the alcohol served in?
a) a trash can
b) a cooler
c) nothing. you had to pour it from the bottle yourself
d) a drawer

17. Which McGillite gave Derrick the ax that he currently keeps in his room (and uses on watermelons)?
a) Lucas
b) Arek
c) Peter
d) Barzelay
e) Slim

18. How many different colors has Galen dyed her hair this year?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6
e) Galen dyes her hair?

19. How many McGillites has Casey made out with?
a) 4
b) 7
c) 12
d) 20
e) too many to count

20. How much does it cost to buy Slim for the night?
a) $ 400
b) $ 4,000
c) $ 40,000
d) $ 400,000

21. Who solved a rubik's cube behind his/her back at the first coffee house?
a) Slim
b) Project Coordinator Chris
c) Lao
d) Jeffrey

22. What restaurant did McGillites attend for Aleksey's birthday?
a) Logan's
b) Outback Steakhouse
c) Chilis
d) Wendy's

23. Whose digital camera was stolen from the lobby within the first 3 weeks of school?
a) Haley
b) Liz
c) Cathy
d) Lao
e) Darci

24. What is Crazy Texan's real name?
a) C. T. West
b) Zack
c) Billy
d) Alex
e) Fred

25. Whose idea was chosen to be on the McGill t-shirt this year? ("I spent the night in mcgill and all i got was this shirt... I hope")
a) Nicole
b) Makowski
c) Arek
d) Brendan

26. Who do you like better? (PS- there is an obvious correct answer to this question)
a) Slim
b) Hipster Slim
c) Emo Slim