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Here are the 4 t-shirt options :

Choice #1

FRONT : "McGill Hall: Vanderbilt's friendliest dorm"

BACK : "... Bitch"

Choice #2

FRONT : "Is my McGill showing?"

(nothing on the back)

Choice #3

FRONT : (a picture of Rene Descartes)

BACK : "I Think... Therefore I am awesome.

McGill '06-'07"

Choice #4

(written underneath)Frankie's dream had always been to become a fairy

TO VOTE Email Lauren.A.Oliet@Vanderbilt.Edu from your VANDERBILT EMAIL ACCOUNT with the T-shirt option # you like the best. If you don't vote from your Vandy email, I won't count your vote.

Voting ends MONDAY, DECEMBER 4th @ 11:59pm. NO EXCEPTIONS. You may only vote once.

McGill Hall

Official McGill Website

* Last Update = June 5, 2006 *

Newly added - birthdays and quiz score

Welcome to the all-new McGill Hall website. An easy way to keep in
contact with people. Please be patient with the site. I'm not exactly
good with HTML, so it'll take some time to figure all of this out.

Upcoming Events


McGill Message Board!!!
- Post fun/interesting stories that occur over this summer on the
message board. We want to know what's going on while we're all in
different places. Also, add any parties to the Events and post
about it on the message board. If it's going to be a big party (birthday
party, for example) and you know when you're going to have it, post is
ASAP so people who are far away can try to make plans to attend.

>NEW: The Ultimate McGill Quiz
- Test out your McGill knowledge
with a fun 2005-2006 McGill Quiz.
Give it a try. Scores will be posted on the site.

Sign my Guestbook from Get your Free Guestbook from
- Check out the guestbook and leave suggestions.
Give me ideas of how to make this site better.
Is there something you want to see?
A specific picture? An idea for a new quiz?

Dorm Council 2005-2006
- Curious about who your representatives were this year?
Check out a picture of the people who ran the dorm
and find out who was responsible for that thing
that really bothered you...

Free Java Chat from Free Java Chat from
- McGill Chat Room

Quiz Scores (Out of 130 points)

1. Justin 120
2. Derrick 115
3. Slim 110
4. Tyler 105
5. Darci 105
6. Meredith 100

Summer Birthdays

Keith M June 4
Zach M June 6
Jud June 7
Kyle B June 8
Colette July 1
Slim July 16
Sonya July 21
Derrick July 30
Nicholas Y July 29
Debbie August 6
Elisa August 8
Jeffrey August 22
Lucas August 28

Email to add your summer birthday to this list.
Also, email Lao with suggestions for the site